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First and Foremost, please remember to review your junk mail folder in the future for updates concerning your order. Many times our correspondence is sent to these folders  by mistake secondary to the nature of the content of our emails, i.e. prescription medications.

The following represents a list of commonly asked questions concerning the post ordering process:

How will I know if my Acyclovir order has been submitted successfully?

If you were directed to this page your order has been successfully submitted. If any medical or billing information is needed the appropriate department will contact you discreetly via email.

Please note: Your credit card is not automatically billed when you submit your order.  Once the doctor has approved your medical history the billing department will process your credit card. Therefore, if for some reason the doctor feels that it is inappropriate for you to take the medication ordered there will be no activity on your credit card.

How do I obtain a repeat order for Acyclovir?

We Have Listened To Our Valued Clients Suggestions
(New fast and easy repeat order process.)

Many of our clients voiced their opinion that they would like a fast and easy way for obtaining repeat orders. We have listen to you and made a fast and convenient method for obtaining your repeat orders.

Simply visit our primary customer service website and answer just few questions and we will have your repeat order shipped via overnight courier (instead of completing the entire medical form):


What currency is noted on my credit card statement?

Please note: As reference on the actual order form, our merchant account (the service that charges your credit card for Visa, MasterCard, etc.) mandates that some of our orders be processed in U.S. currency. Therefore, occasionally our prices may be converted from Pounds to U.S. currency. This conversion in currency will be reflected on your credit card statement.

All currency conversions are done on a daily basis reflected by the most current conversion rate as posted by the credit card companies i.e. Visa, MasterCard, etc.

Is my Acyclovir order packaged discreetly?

Yes each order is discreetly packaged (with no hint of the contents) with the recipient's name and address and a discreet return address. 

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